GeoBender Cube - "NAUTILUS"

GeoBender Cube - "NAUTILUS"


GeoBender Cube – Nautilus – The complex magnetic 3D puzzle – art and game cubes, 12 pyramids with 36 neodymium magnets, more than 70 transformations

GeoBender® Cube “Nautilus” shows the wide variety of different color and design features of a GeoBender® Cube. The outside has a nautilus shell. The interior shows a deep blue ocean wave. The transitional areas show a green forest on one side and a flowing orange-red lava flow on the other side.

The Nautilus

This GeoBender reminds us that we are life exploring itself. Peel open the smooth brown shell of the cube's exterior and unleash natures elemental power.

The internal patterns of vibrant red flames, cool blue water, and grounding green forest invoke a sense of wonder as the GeoBender transforms from one shape to the next.

Life is constantly evolving, as are these transforming cubes. Combine multiple Nautilus GeoBenders to experience the true power of sacred geometry in action.

The GeoBender® Cube

  • is a complex, magnetic 3D puzzle, art and play cube
  • consists of 12 pyramids connected by 12 joints
  • contains 36 magnets inside the cube
  • can be transformed into over 70 different forms

Each GeoBender® Cube comes in a customized box and with a multilingual quick start guide.



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