GeoBender Cube - "SURFER"

GeoBender Cube - "SURFER"


GeoBender Cube – Surfer – The complex magnetic 3D puzzle – art and game cubes, 12 pyramids with 36 neodymium magnets, more than 70 transformations

The GeoBender® Cube “Surfer”

was the first design for a Geobender Cube. The outsides and some of the transition pages feature designs by Nathan Smith. The interior shows a surfer on a wave at sunset.

The GeoBender® Cube

is a complex, magnetic 3D puzzle, art and play cube
consists of 12 pyramids connected by 12 joints
contains 36 magnets inside the cube
can be transformed into over 70 different forms
Each GeoBender® Cube comes in a customized box and with a multilingual quick start guide.

Weight 0.1 Kg

Dimensions 6 x 6 x 6 cm



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