GeoBender Cube - "WORLD"

GeoBender Cube - "WORLD"


GeoBender Cube – World. The complex magnetic 3D puzzle – art and game cubes, 12 pyramids with 36 neodymium magnets, more than 70 transformations.

The World Cube

We all contain the power to transform the world, and if you buy this GeoBender you can experience that sensation in a very literal way.

In its cube form you’ll see the world in the palm of somebody’s hand. Unfold the magic of this GeoBender by transforming from a cube into its rhombic dodecahedron form to reveal a map of the world.

Collect and connect multiple World cubes to create magnificent structures and feel like a true master of the universe. 

The GeoBender® Cube

  • is a complex, magnetic 3D puzzle, art and play cube
  • consists of 12 pyramids connected by 12 joints
  • contains 36 magnets inside the cube
  • can be transformed into over 70 different forms

Each GeoBender® Cube comes in a customized box and with a multilingual quick start guide.

Weight 0.1 kg

Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 cm



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