GeoBender Cube – Bees

GeoBender Cube – Bees


GeoBender Cube – Bees – The complex magnetic 3D puzzle – art and game cubes, 12 pyramids with 36 neodymium magnets, more than 70 transformations


These GeoBenders are sweet as honey. The elegant exterior of the Bees cube contains a beautiful green fibonacci spiral, and when you open up the GeoBender from a cube into a ball it transforms from green to gold, revealing a vibrant honeycomb center.

Collect multiple Bee cubes to find out what all the buzz is about!

The GeoBender® Cube

  • is a complex, magnetic 3D puzzle, art and play cube
  • consists of 12 pyramids connected by 12 joints
  • contains 36 magnets inside the cube
  • can be transformed into over 70 different forms

Each GeoBender® Cube comes in a customized box and with a multilingual quick start guide.



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